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Scenic Wildlife Cruises and Whale Watching

In addition to the chances of seeing whales, seals, bear, mountain goats, eagles and other water foul, Taiya Inlet has some of the most spectacular waterfalls to be seen anywhere. And Captain Mike will put you right under them. There is lots to see and learn aboard Choctaw Lady on Taiya Inlet and Captain Mike enjoys sharing his knowledge of the area. He is there to answer any questions you might have. He enjoys having children aboard and occasionally needs their help in driving the boat.

Australian Whale Watching - Humpback Whale Breach

Several species of whales make their way to Southeast Alaska for the summer and here on Taiya Inlet one of the largest species is often found feeding on krill and bait fish. The Humpback whale travels a great distance every year to feed on the abundant bait in these waters and is a welcomed site. Unlike many other species of whale, the Humpback whale feeds of small sea life. Therefore these big mammals are not competing with the angler for the salmon. In fact, depending on what they are feeding on at the time, Humpback whales can be a reliable indicator of fish.

Whales are definitely wildlife and are living in the wild with no controls as to their comings and goings. They eat what they want and go where they want. However, Humpback whales do tend to feed in one area for days on end. Charter Boat Captains here in Skagway fish the waters of Taiya Inlet almost daily and are keenly aware when the whales are present. They can inform you with confidence as to the chances of seeing whales. So if you didn’t get to see whales in Juneau or Ketchikan and Skagway is your next stop, give us a call and we can tell you with all honesty the chances of a once in a lifetime experience.

, a safe and comfortable vessel specifically designed for the waters of Taiya Inlet. As opposed to sitting on a bus or train, being aboard Choctaw Lady is like having your own boat and hired captain. Comfortable and relaxed is what you will feel while aboard. Rarely has a visitor voiced disappointment in the trip as the cost of a Wildlife Cruise with Choctaw Charters is one of the most reasonable and exciting tours to be found in Skagway.

Rate: $85 per person or $350 for the whole boat. Booking the boat allows you to bring up to 6 person aboard and equates to $58 per person.

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