Skagway Alaska excursions and fishing with Choctaw Charters.

Rates & Reservations

  • 4 Hours - $175.00 per person (Plus $30 License and Salmon Stamp) -OR-
  • Rent the whole boat (up to 6 persons) for $800! (Plus $30/person License and Salmon Stamp)
  • 2 Hours - $85.00 per person -OR-
  • Rent the whole boat (up to 6 persons) for $400!
  • The Skagway Small Boat Harbor is conveniently located close to the cruise ships as well as Pullen Creek RV Park. Just a short walk will have you on the dock and ready to board the boat of your choice.
  • Dress should be according to the weather of the day. If sky is clear, it will probably warm up; if the sky is overcast, temperatures will probably remain steady.
  • Bringing a snack from the cruise ship is economical and healthy.
  • Adults beverages are not stocked on the vessel, however, if you would like to have some aboard, that can be arranged.
  • Both vessels are very comfortable and will accommodate most everyone's concerns.
  • If you have a question, please do not hesitate to call; Kathy? who will personally answer your questions and address your special needs and concerns. We are here to serve you.
  • Whether you have chosen a King Salmon fishing charter or a two-hour wildlife scenic cruise, Captain's Joe and Bernie will be eagerly awaiting your arrival.

We send your fish to Alaska Seafood Company out of Juneau, Alaska to process your catch and FedEx it overnight to your address two weeks after your arrival home.

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Skagway Alaska Charter Fishing Excursions
Small Boat Harbor ~ Skagway, Alaska ~ 907.612.0452