Skagway Alaska excursions and fishing with Choctaw Charters.

About Us

Choctaw Charters was founded by Captain Glenn Mitchell, a young Choctaw Indian from Oklahoma who, after serving in the Pacific during WWII, found his way to Alaska.  Later, his son-in-law Mike operated the business until 2013. The company was sold to new owners in 2014. Choctaw Charters now refers business to both Fat Salmon and Skagway Fishing Charters.

Glen Mitchell founder of Choctaw Charters fishing in Skagway, Alaska.

If you plan on a fishing or wildlife adventure with us, your trip will begin at the Small Boat Harbor in Skagway. Your fishing experience will be on a Coast Guard-approved 36 foot vessel equipped with a toilet and an out-of-the-weather cabin, snacks, tea, coffee, and bottled water.

It is not unusual to see eagles, various birds, whales, seals, and goats. Binoculars available for viewing pleasure. Bear sightings are very rare.

Visitors returning to the magic of Skagway, Alaska are discovering that there is more to this area than what is offered by the cruise lines. Today, thanks to the Internet, we can search and compare different tours and excursions being offered in our amazing town! When visiting a website, you can make choices you are comfortable with.

Choctaw Charters has been in business in Skagway for over fifteen years - longer than any currently running charter! We know the ropes! Oh, and did we mention - the rates for tours are much cheaper off the ship!

Joe Warchuck - Captain, Fat Salmon Charters has been fishing the waters in and around Skagway for 19 years and Bernie Warchuck - Captain, Skagway Fishing Charters has fished the Skagway waters for 17 years. Alaska is huge, so local knowledge counts. With 36 plus years combined experience, our Captains have placed more fish in the local fishing derby than all other charter captains combined.

Those arriving by cruise ship will be docking early in the morning, between 5am & 6am. It is daylight and Taiya Inlet is waiting for us. A 7:30am charter usually finds the water calmer and fishing is good.

If you can't make the morning trip, we offer a 12:30pm departure. Taiya Inlet is protected from ocean swells, however sometimes the wind kicks up in the afternoon. If you are pre-booked and the Inlet becomes too choppy for a pleasant cruise, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

If you are traveling by vehicle or ferry and are spending the night in Skagway, we have the no-sunset trip leaving around 5pm, or inquire about our weekend discount rates.

Skagway Alaska Charter Fishing Excursions
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