Skagway Alaska excursions and fishing with Choctaw Charters. Skagway Alaska excursions and fishing with Choctaw Charters.

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Skagway is situated along Taiya Inlet, a deepwater fiord which is nourished by the Skagway River, Taiya river and many spectacular waterfalls. Most types of commercial fishing are not permitted in Taiya Inlet and this has allowed stocks of fish, crab and shrimp to proliferate and expand. Pullen Creek is another tributary in Skagway flowing into Taiya Inlet and is the returning ground to many King Salmon. The Taiya Inlet Watershed Council has been instrumental in this annual return and active in preserving our area for the benefit of both sea life and for those of us that use the area for fishing, wildlife viewing and recreation.

Choctaw Charters fishing charter boat catch Skagway Alaska. Captain Bernie of Choctaw Charters is a Skagway fishing charter captain devoted to fishing and has been at it for many years. A typical fishing trip begins with greetings on board Choctaw Lady in Small Boat Harbor followed by fishing license information and a brief, safety talk. Then it’s off to the area in which we have had the most recent success or an area that came to the Captain in a dream the night before, hopefully the first. Once at our fishing ground (typically 10 to 20 minutes away) Choctaw Lady goes into trolling mode and lines are lowered to proper depths with downriggers. A strike from a downrigger is very exiting for everyone on the boat. A flat line (pole in hand) is sometimes introduced. This type of fishing runs shallower than the downrigger and is productive with the spawning King Salmon and shallow running feeder King Salmon.

Our cruising grounds are close by, which means no extra long boat rides to the fishing grounds. Here in Taiya Inlet the salmon are making their way home and feeding on herring, candlefish, shrimp, and squid. When these baitfish arrive, Taiya Inlet comes alive with wildlife. Come see what so many are talking about and get out and up-close with Choctaw Charters, a family owner sport fishing and wildlife cruise fishing charter service.

The waters are deep and clean and the mountains rise near vertically from the water. Rumored to be the deepest fjord in North America, Taiya Inlet is the playground for many species that attract visitors to our waters. Below is a brief list of the most common wildlife in the area:

  • Usually seen early in the season as they come down in elevation to eat new vegetation.
  • Spend most of the summer in the area, have their newborn pups, and increase in number as the season progresses.
  • Found close to the open ocean and therefore are not common in our area. However, we do have several families of river otters, most commonly seen close to our small boat harbor.
  • Surf scooters and marbled muralets are found in vast numbers on Taiya Inlet.
  • Upper Lynn Canal in which Taiya Inlet is found, is home to a very large Bald Eagle population. Seldom does a fishing or wildlife cruise end without a close-up view of a pair of Bald Eagles perched in a shoreside tree, scouring the water with their eagle eyes.
  • This past season, due to an abundance of krill, we had a group of humpback whales stay and feed in Taiya Inlet all summer. Humpback whales are common in the area and are seen on many fishing and wildlife excursions. Orca whales or killer whales do move through the area as well, but sightings are less frequent.
  • Due to the extreme elevation along the shore, sightings of bear have been rare. However, the past two years have seen an increase in sightings of brown bears and captains are becoming more aware of their probable locations.


For a wonderful half-day charter fishing adventure away from the barrage of tourists, join Choctaw Charters on Taiya Inlet here in Skagway, Alaska!

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